Right to Buy

The Right to Buy Scheme allows tenants that are living in properties owned by or previously owned by the council to be able to purchase their home at a discount rate.

You need to fit these criteria to be able to apply

  • It must be your main or only home

  • The property must be self-contained

  • You must have been a tenant for at least 5 years in the public sector

  • The landlord is or was the council or public sector

  • You do not have any debt issues

  • You have no outstanding possession orders

Even if your home used to be owned by the council but was then sold on to another landlord you may still be eligible for the Right to Buy scheme. You are also able apply for Right to Buy jointly as long as the other people on the application either share your tenancy or are family members and have lived in the property for a year.

There is a discount of up to £77,000 (£102,000 if you live in London) available on the property. The discount is calculated on the value of the property, how long you have been a tenant to the public sector and the type of property. You may want to own your home so you are able to make alterations and changes as you wish and have a valuable asset for your family.

If you sell your home within 5 years of purchasing it on the Right to Buy scheme you will have to pay back all or some of your discount.


If you live in a house owned or previously owned by the council you are eligible for a 35% discount on the property if you have been a tenant for 5 years. And additional years you have been a tenant grant you further 1% discount per year. This is up to a £77,000 discount or 70% or £102,000 in London.


If you have lived in a council owed or pre-owned flat for at least 5 years you get a 50% discount, this discount goes up each additional year you have been a public sector tenant by 2%.

You will receive less discount on the property if your landlord has paid money towards the maintenance or additional building work.